150-Page Draft Trade Agreement

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The removal of the mandatory legal language of the project directly met the highest priority of the U.S. Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer – changes to Chinese law as essential to verify compliance after years of what U.S. officials have called empty reform promises. 34 Office of the U.S. Trade Rep., United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Text, at ustr.gov/trade-agreements/free-trade-agreements/united-states-mexico-canada-agreement/agreement-between [the text of the USMCA]. The draft text produced in October contained one less letter of page. See perma.cc/4PEB-TTJR (archiving the table of materials for this draft text). 59 Protocol replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement with the agreement between the United States of America, the United States of Mexico and Canada in ustr.gov/sites/default/files/files/agreements/FTA/USMCA/Text/USMCA_Protocol.pdf (provided that entry into force replaces NAFTA (except in the USMCA) and triggers the end of the North American Labour Cooperation Agreement); See also the text of the USMCA, see 34, art. 34.5 (cross-references to protocol). The usmCA draft text established similar time rules for entry into force, but was not based on a separate protocol. See perma.cc/7XUV-TT37 (archiving the draft text). «China has not disclosed this agreement,» Pillsbury Elizabeth MacDonald of FOX Business said during The Evening Edit.

«We don`t have it either.» 54 Selena Ross, with New Trade Deal, Canada avoids an end-of-the-world scenario. But Is It a Win?, Wash. Position (Oct. 1, 2018), at www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/with-new-trade-deal-canada-avoids-a-doomsday-scenario-but-is-it-a-win/2018/10/01/304d7968-c5a0-11e8-9c0f-2ffaf6d422aa_story.html?utm_term=.24e084d6e264. 35 See.B. Anupam Chander, Coming North American Digital Trade Zone, CFR (October 9, 2018), on www.cfr.org/blog/coming-north-american-digital-trade-zone (with the sign that «USMCA negotiators have used the «E-commerce chapter of the TPP as a basis for negotiations» on various issues related to the digital economy). The move made U.S. President Donald Trump shine and stalled progress in trade negotiations, as Beijing certainly knew. The annual high-level dialogue on high-level trade policy meets regularly to discuss bilateral trade relations. 51 USMCA text, top 34, B.C. 20.

For more information on the new INTELLECTUAL property provisions, visit the Office of the U.S. Trade Rep. Fact Sheet, United States-Mexico -Canada Trade Fact Sheet: Modernizing NAFTA into a 21st Century Trade Agreement (Oct. 2018), at ustr.gov/about-us/policy-offices/press-office/fact-sheets/2018/october/united-states%E2%80%93mexico%E2%80%93canada-trade-fa-1 [perma.cc/A5ZB-MTMV]. 22 White House Fact Sheet, President Donald J. Trump Is Keeping His Promise to Renegotiate NAFTA (August 27, 2018), at www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-keeping-promise-renegotiate-nafta [perma.cc/ZV8D-JGNF]. In this interim agreement, Mexico and the United States agreed that at least 75% of the value of a car would have to be manufactured in North America in order to qualify for a zero tariff, and that 40-45% of cars would have to be manufactured by workers earning $16 an hour.

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