Hitman Agreement

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Contracts have twelve missions, the least of all Hitman titles (except the episodic HITMAN). Half of the missions are the re-issue of Code name 47 missions, with the rest either related to or after the missions before or after them, or are entirely new. In Hitman: Contracts, the gameplay revolves around the exploits of a drummer, Agent 47, when sent to different locations to murder targets. A number of weapons can be used, from kitchen knives to belt-fed machine guns. While stealth and infiltration are encouraged, the game allows the player to take a more violent approach and make his way to his mission goals. The contracts provide more suspense and darker missions, Cloned hitman Agent 47, a hitman for the International Contract Agency (ICA), returns to his hotel room in Paris after being shot during a contract. Believing that he will die, 47 collapses and begins to think about his past. He first remembers that he escaped from the laboratory of his creator, Dr. Ort-Meyer, in Romania, after killing him, while dodging the Romanian special forces that invaded the site. While clinging to life, he remembers his previous jobs for clients assigned to him by his leader Diana Burnwood – the murder of two fetishists who had kidnapped a client`s relative; the murder of an illegal merchant in Kamchatka, who sold weapons to terrorists, and the destruction of their weapons laboratories on board a submarine; the murder of a corrupt nobleman and his son in the United Kingdom; the murder of a motorcyclist in Rotterdam; and the murder of the men involved in its cloning, orchestrated by Ort-Meyer. An increased arsenal of firearms, close combat weapons and new take-down moves is available to allow you to perform a wide range of brutal «shots.» The game has 12 levels in different places where you have to be confronted with some of the most dangerous criminals in the world and high level goals. The game`s twelve missions take place at night, including remake missions, unlike the original missions of the name code 47. After Hong`s flash-back, 47 finally passed by and founded the hotel, surrounded by French police.

Sitting in a chair, he checked his Silverballers, and SWAT fired grenades into his room. He escaped his occupant and police officers when he set off, found Inspector Fournier and killed him. After silencing the inspector who had discovered his identity, he boarded an ambulance and headed to DeGaulle airport, ready to escape France. Hitman: The contract soundtrack was composed by Jesper Kyd and released in 2004. The score contains the same Latin choral arrangements as in all other scores; However, they are heavily trampled and mixed in the dark electronic soundscape. Kyd sums it up: «First of all, it`s a much darker score. Hitman 2 was an epic story that spread all over the world. This one, although there are different places, it`s not a great epic story. There are many smaller, darker, psychological stories that are mixed, so the score follows the darker side of Hitman and his career. [4] The award was recognized as «Best Original Music» at the 2005 BAFTA Games Awards.

[5] When he falls in and out of his consciousness, he receives flashes of some of his most upsetting missions.

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