Scrum Master Team Agreement

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As this meeting lasts a long time, the team may agree to divide it into two parts. In one of you, the product owner can demonstrate users` stories to the team and, depending on ability/speed, organize the sprint delay and set the sprint goal. In the second part, team members can divide the user`s story into tasks. The work agreements should be reviewed at the end of each final sprint during the retrospective session. As soon as team members feel that they are doing well with each agreement and that there is something else that needs to be addressed/discussed and added as a working agreement, they can replace it with another consensus agreement. During the demo and customer feedback session, the team must take notes. Someone on the team or everyone should comment. The product delay should be updated with feedback. Faced with a team of about seven people, the Daily Scrum is not expected to last more than 15 minutes. Depending on the number of team members, location and technology used, the Scrum team can accept a realistic time box for that meeting. In the next iteration, I thought deeply and hard about how, in the previous retrospective, I could have changed the game to improve confidence. I remembered the five dysfunctions of a Patrick Lencioni team and how this team presented almost all the dysfunctions, from lack of confidence and fear of conflict to inattention to results and lack of commitment. Lencioni says: «The confidence is to know that if a team member pushes you, they do it because they take care of the team.» I needed everyone on the team to feel that they could trust each other and hold each other to account so that their contributions would be important.

What I should have done was acknowledge their hard work and create a psychologically safe environment before sharing my observations. So I thought I`d try an experiment to improve the safety of the team and overcome the barriers. I told the team that they should be willing to share something personal with the whole group in our next retrospective. Everyone had two minutes to share family stories, images, recipes, songs, basically everything, as long as it had nothing to do with work! There are some agreements that can be concluded quickly and there are a few that are not that simple. There may be conflicts between team members if they try to reach a consensus. The ScrumMaster plays a crucial role in helping them. Team agreements make the work environment appropriate and help the team organize itself. While I shared my observations, I was surprised that the MS and the OP validated most of these observations. The SM had been embarrassed to admit that his team needed help because they feared it would mean failure, so I appreciated his honesty and assured him something else.

I also asked the SM and the OP commission to share the observations with the team at the next retrospective in order to get feedback.

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