Sister Airport Agreement

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BAC General Manager, Airline and Retail Management, Andrew Brodie, who signed the agreement on behalf of LAC, said the main outcome of the letter of intent was the cooperation agreement between the Chongqing mega-market with its 30 million inhabitants and Brisbane. The Sister Airport agreement reflects the close relationship between Brisbane and Chongqing that have developed since 2005 as part of the Sister City relationship. The signing of the agreement took place during Lord Mayor Cr Graham Quirk`s recent business trip to China. The following airports have entered into agreements with the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) regarding Sister Airport: Mr. Brodie stated that LAC was grateful for the support given to the city, given that the airport was more present in China. «We are pleased to work closely with the Lord Mayor and Brisbane City Council through Brisbane Marketing to build on the strong links they have developed in a number of sister cities across China,» he said. «State assistance is essential to our success in developing more direct air relations with China, and this new airport agreement is a good example of how we can work together to advance the interests of Brisbane and the region.» Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has entered into a Sister Airport Agreement with Chongqing Airport Group of China in which the two airports will share their expertise in operational and commercial development and tourism market development. Mbomvu adds that the Airport Company South Africa continues to benefit from a similar agreement with Munich Airport, which was signed in 2015. «We have gained a lot from this structured cooperation that allows the parties to determine where and how they can benefit. Airport operations around the world are in the middle of the environment, not only to cope with the increase in passenger numbers, but also to the demand for extremely high digitization and automation of services. We believe that this agreement will benefit both parties if they try to stay one step ahead of market trends,» says Mbomvu. Moscow Domodedovo Airport is a leading airport in Russia and Eastern Europe, has been chosen as the best airport in Eastern Europe for seven consecutive years.

The title is awarded annually by the London Aviation Research Institute Skytrax.

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