Supply Chain Agreement Definition

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4.13 In addition to Article 1.18 of the general provisions, Force majeure includes all circumstances that are not part of the proper control of the CMS and which are opposed to the provision of a course, whether or not such circumstances were foreseeable at the time of the agreement. 5. Guarantees and disclaimers – Guarantees are promises made by a seller with respect to the goods or services made available to the buyer. Supply chain contracts generally have explicit guarantees. In addition, the UCC may provide a series of unspoken guarantees that are considered part of the contract, unless they are not used. The best-known examples of unspoken guarantees are: the tacit guarantee of a specific purpose and the implicit guarantee of market continuity under the UCC. Other unspoken safeguards may also apply depending on the purpose of the contract and the legislation in force. 4.2 All SCM agreements, offers and/or offers and course registrations are subject to these conditions for participants, in addition to the general provisions. 1.24 Complaints about confirmation (order) must be submitted in written sCM before the contract is executed by SCM, but in all cases within eight days of sending the (order) confirmation. 1.26 SCM may transfer its rights and obligations under the contract to a company with which it is bound within a group, or transfer those rights and obligations related to the transfer of SCM`s activities or part of it or in connection with the transfer of a property, product or service of SCM to a third party, without any other agreement from the other party. In entering into an agreement with SCM, the other party agrees to such a transfer in advance. SCM informs the other part of this transfer in due course.

6.8 If the contract is terminated by the contracting entity less than two months before (beginning) of the event, the total costs earned by the CMS and the third parties covered by the offer are due by the contracting authority. 1.13 SCM is still entitled to demand a guarantee for payment or down payment before and after the conclusion of the contract, to suspend the performance of the contract until that guarantee has been established and/or to have received such a deposit from SCM. 5.1 Registration fee: the fee that the participant is due to the SCM under the participation agreement, given the participation in the event. 1.4 In entering into an agreement with Supply Chain Media, the other party waives the applicability of all the terms and conditions it uses, whatever they may be, so that all of our agreements are subject exclusively to the terms used by Supply Chain Media. 1.18 If, after reasonably providing SCM, an incorrect performance of SCM is impossible due to a case of force majeure, i.e. circumstances beyond its control, it has the right to terminate all or part of the contract or to temporarily suspend the performance of the contract without any obligation to pay damages.

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