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15. This contract can only be amended, amended or terminated by the explicit written agreement of both parties. The next erroneous translation stanowi co nast-puje (the next is agreed/witness as below) has been translated into uzgodniono (lit. it was agreed). Idiomatic translation requires the use of a formula deeply rooted in the Polish legal language. Poor translations lead to a loss of precise language. In many cases, a solo or small lawyer tries to save costs for the client by using a non-lawyer to translate contracts. There are stories of people using secretaries to translate contracts («She speaks Spanish, no matter what dialect») or use computer programs. Even obtaining flat-rate translations of translation services can be problematic if they do not explain the range of potential translations that could result from a given legal formulation. A translator may be required to choose between three, five, ten or zero words in a foreign language for a particular legal term that the lawyer originally described in a legal contract. A translator who is not a lawyer cannot fully understand the goods or services described, the terms of custom use and use in the industry used or the importance of accuracy in that description.

Unless they are taken into account in translation and the legal implications of word decisions are understood, the effects of the lawyer`s carefully crafted contractual language can be totally lost when translating into a second language. In some cases, the program automatically produced good translations that the translator could accept only by making corrections to technical terminology or by changing one of the words/phrases (1) (Umowa publikujéca in Umowa wydawnicza, and praca in utwér or the formal sentence stanowi co nast-puje was translated ingo uzdniono). To explain why Google Translate was wrong with its choice, we take the first example of umowa publikuj`ca, umowa vydawnicza and its functions. A vydawnicza umowa, which is the appropriate term with an English equivalent of the publication agreement, is a legal contract between a publisher and a writer or author (or more than one) to publish the written material of the author or author. It can be a single written work or a series of works. Such a contract is always concluded in writing (see [15]). In Poland, Czachérski said [14], any agreement is a reciprocal contract involving two parties, and they have a mutual understanding of the creation, modification and continuation of legal proceedings. A publication contract often resembles the contract or license and contains information about the transfer of copyright (property rights) [cf.

[4]. So what is a umowa publikujéca? Since the term in English is a publication agreement, the Polish version is probably a layer of English.

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