Uni Sa Enterprise Agreement

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The Enterprise Agreement and the guide to the new agreement can be accessed by clicking on the following symbols: The university is required to give employees an appropriate opportunity to participate in a representative or support staff in internal processes. A balance must be struck between ensuring procedural fairness of staff and ensuring that internal procedures are effective and effective. Thus, in one case, the Fair Labour Commission found that a five-day delay between the registration of a meeting and the meeting was appropriate to organize a support person, regardless of the weekend between those dates. If the employee chooses option 2 – redeployment, he is obliged to inform his superior in writing, who then informs the staff department of redeployment@adelaide.edu.au. Hr will provide the agent with a link to the online redeployment registry to allow the agent to formally record his or her data. It is important that the agent`s benefits are regularly monitored and communicated with the agent for the duration of this contract, and that the fixed-term contract be a term (at least 2 to 3 years) that leaves sufficient time for this process. Managers are encouraged to contact their human resources advisor for benefit management assistance. For more information, please see the specific steps in the recruitment manager/coordinator reprogramming process – Appendix A. If you have identified potentially appropriate redistribution points based on the vacant job selection criteria, you should check whether they can perform the tasks satisfactorily within a reasonable time frame or whether the position can be redeveloped accordingly. Despite the employee`s poor performance, if you do not have evidence that you have discussed performance issues, indicated the necessary improvements, given them the opportunity to address those concerns, and you have time to address those concerns, they will likely meet both the employment retention criteria and you will be required to reinstate them. They then have to manage their underperformance.

The salary of your physical position is maintained for a period of one year, while the employment continues. This agreement is concluded in accordance with Section 172 of the Fair Work Act 2009 and is called the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021 (agreement). It will remain in effect seven (7) days after the Fair Work Commission`s approval date and will remain in effect until June 30, 2021. If you need more information, please visit the Professional Staff Development Scholarship Scheme website. First, you will be transferred to the trial in the new role for an agreed period, i.e. no more than three months. A guide to UniSA`s new 2019 enterprise contract (PDF print version) The sector with the continuing vacancy is responsible for funding the testing phase. Performance forecasts must be consistent with the requirements of the position and be communicated to staff from time to time during the contract. When expressing your concerns, you must have given the employee the opportunity to respond and have time to improve performance with available supports and to implement. You should have written evidence of your discussions and copies of your communication with the employee. The redeployment option may be continued for the remainder of the eight-week transitional period and, if necessary, during the extended notice period following point 6.7.9.

If you have not communicated reasonable performance expectations and have managed the employee`s unsatisfactory performance, the contract will be converted into employment when the contract expires. Contact your human resources advisor to confirm that the action you have taken is in accordance with the enterprise agreement.

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