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Amazon prefers to treat the damage and eliminate it rather than send it back to the supplier. In order to cover the costs of processing returns and disposal, Amazon charges the seller a damage compensation. This amount is generally similar to the average rate of return the lender will have in the sector, although Amazon`s return policy may be slightly higher if the items do not always return for sale. Lenders may also decide not to accept compensation and instead finance the cost of returning the item to their warehouse. This is more common among suppliers of high quality items, especially electronics. Despite the requirement for large quotas, Amazon`s margins can be narrow on the retail side. In accordance with competition, financing programs such as Prime and offering an excellent performance policy are three practices that strongly feed amazon in the margin. One of the reasons Amazon is asking for such high discounts is that it expects suppliers to help fund such programs. If you work with Amazon on wholesale, you need to make sure that you have the margins to support this model and include all certificates in your total cost calculations. If you don`t, you`ll find that your account isn`t really profitable and can no longer work with Amazon on the vendor`s site. The same goes for Amazon: you need to make sure you offer Amazon enough margins to keep them profitable. Otherwise, you`ll find that Amazon cancels orders and puts your products on obsolescence.

Amazon will always put pressure on the longest payment terms and the lender will want the shortest payment terms. Payment terms are usually between 30 and 90 days, with an average of about 60 days. In order to motivate Amazon to accept shorter payment terms, the lender may offer an early account. This discount is usually all 1-3%. The chords are fully synchronized with the dimensions. You can book reservations and choose the dimensional code of the corresponding agreement in the list of agreements. The following procedure shows how an agreement is set up for a debitor, but the procedure for a lender is similar and begins in the purchases and commitments window. The basic definition is also called Co-op Marketing, Marketing Development Funds (MDF) or Discretionary Cooperative.

Amazon has said in the past that this allowance helps cover activities that promote product impressions and sales such as store promotions, pre-pitches, merchandising activities, emails, paid research and sponsored links to products, associated recommendations, the basic website and catalog improvement. In short, this allocation helps fund Amazon`s marketing initiatives and programs. It is usually about 10%, although I have seen that suppliers are more and even less agree. This is the compensation that most suppliers struggle to understand, because it is not based on results and creditors do not see what they receive. Amazon may request additional certificates to support, subscribe and store initiatives such as AVS (Amazon Vendor Support) aka SVS (Strategic Vendor Support) or to encourage suppliers to commit to a specific advertising budget. However, the four main agreements mentioned above (base, freight, damage, payment) are the ones you must definitely address. Offering additional discounts on wholesale prices is not new to large retailers. It is the nature and amount of the discount that Amazon is asking for that is becoming a challenge for suppliers.

They are driven to give Amazon their best prices, with no guarantee that Amazon will move its business forward. In the stationary sector, companies typically work on discounts and put in place a discount structure to encourage retailers to buy more shares and receive a larger discount.

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