War On Drugs Agreement

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However, at 136 $US a gram, the average retail price of meth is less than the 164 $US it cost when the war on drugs began in 2016, according to figures. Cheaper prices, said Douglas of UNODC, suggest that many more drugs are coming to the streets than it is stopped. Human Rights Watch reiterated its call for a UN investigation. Phelim Kine, director of HRW Asia, commented: «The philippine police`s obvious willingness to deliberately direct children to executions marks a frightening new level of depravity in this so-called drug war.» [135] Duterte called the deaths of Arnaiz and Guzman (the first was a relative of the president on his mother`s side) «sabotage» and said some groups were using the Philippine National Police to destroy the president`s public image. [136] The president`s spokesman, Abella, said, «It should come as no surprise that these malicious elements are sabotaging the presidential campaign to rid the Philippines of illicit drugs and crime,» which «may include creating scenarios that fuel public anger against the government.» [135] His action against drugs has been marked by high-level rhetoric, which can be considered an «authorization to kill,» according to the report, calling for an independent investigation. This enthusiasm was voted with kindness towards the builders of the world. Duterte secured $9 billion in Chinese commitments to infrastructure investments (although only $900 million was signed in formal agreements). China says it has common goals between its Belt and Road initiative and Duteres Baueifer. While Mr. Aquino questioned China`s claims in the South China Sea – or the Western Philippine Sea, as Filipinos know – Mr. Duterte joked about making the Philippines a «province» of China.

This is one of the few areas where it is at odds with public opinion. Dela Rosa announced in September 2016 that the war on drugs had «reduced the supply of illicit drugs in the country by about 80-90%»[229] and said that war was already won, based on statistical evidence and observation. [230] «Ninja police officers» refer to police officers accused of «recycling» illicit drugs they had seized during police operations. Oscar Albayalde, leader of the PNP, has been at the center of the controversy, accused of protecting so-called «ninja cops» or corrupt officials. [183] Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency on a platform that depresses crime and focuses on the country`s drug crisis. Despite the many murders, it remains very popular in the country. The tools of authoritarianism – anti-drug campaigns, martial law and the police – are products of American imperialism. When the Philippines was an American colony from 1898 to 1946, American officials and Philippine elites devised various instruments of political repression. Constabulary was a police force responsible for eliminating the remaining «uprisings» of the war between the Philippines and the Americas.

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