West Virginia Prenuptial Agreement Law

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Protect your property rights and assets with well-developed pre-contracts and post-contracts. Angotti – Criminal Lawyers L.C. have been helping the people of Morgantown, WV, to protect their property since 1952. Our lawyers work closely with each client to determine the best proactive strategy of designing, negotiating and verifying agreements before and after agreement, to ensure that, in the worst case scenario, the financial security you have worked hard is protected in scenarios such as death, divorce and separation. In the absence of a binding agreement in these circumstances, your assets will be distributed in accordance with laws that contravene your demands and may seize your assets. Generally speaking, in West Virginia`s divorce law, if the parties fail to reach an agreement with each other, the courts will make the decisions for them. However, The West Virginia courts will also apply pre-marriage agreements – agreements called «marital agreements.» Writing this type of agreement does not mean that you inevitably divorce. They only plan for the unknown future, or perhaps you are protecting a family business or other interests. Trust our company to understand the benefits a marriage agreement can have for you. If your fiancé has given you a marriage agreement to sign before your wedding, you want an experienced family lawyer to verify the agreement and make sure you understand all the rights you can give up and the long-term consequences it may have on your future. If you do not have an experienced lawyer, you design and verify your marriage pact may affect the implementation of your agreement if it is most important at the time of divorce.

We focus on preparing opposable agreements from the outset to avoid unwanted surprises in the future. Marital arrangements, including marriages, can be confusing and complicated. Let our experienced and competent employees develop and verify your contracts to ensure that your interests are protected. Things that would be clearly taken into account in a valid marriage contract would include things like spos assistance, property sharing and that sort of thing. It`s really important that you look at the marital agreement when you`re in the throes of a divorce and see what it covers and see what it doesn`t cover. One of the things you should always keep in mind when you have a divorce and you have a marital agreement is what was the specific language when you actually compiled the agreement.

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